We publish sales statistics by lure and color at the end of each calendar quarter – and they are posted on the website “Sales Statistics” page, covering 1/1/2019-4/15/2019. Go there if you want to see the details, or send me an e-mail and I will return the stats to you directly. I thought it might be more interesting and informative to let you know here which were the biggest sellers during the first quarter of this year, because they are a little surprising. The hottest selling lures to start 2019 are listed and show below CedarEel jointed swimmer, 13”, 3 oz., brown/red.

Slider darting swimmer, 4”, 1 oz., green/white.

Splasher floating popper, 4”, ¾ oz., black/red/silver.

Wiggler jointed swimmer, 5.5”, 1 oz., pink.

So, we have plenty of these (and all other Phase II Lures) in stock, and if we run out of a color I will make some more immediately!

Any questions, let me know, and good fishing!

Dick Fincher

203 226 7252


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