“Yankee Fisherman” host John Kovach invited me to talk about Phase II Lures in August, 2017. The show broadcast live and unrehearsed, no editing on my part. We detailed how Phase II Lures are made (including a short clip done previously in my workshop) and how to fish them.


Since then we have introduced two new lures. Slider darting swimmer, 4”, ¾ o., nose-weighted, (shown during the video). and Splasher floating popper, 4”, ¾ oz., tail-weighted, introduced in 2018. We have another Popper prototype in testing now.

If you have time and are interested here is a link to the video of the show – though we are adding lures the focus continues on making them carefully so they will catch fish.

Good fishing to all!

Dick Fincher

203 226 7252

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