Occasionally I run into fishing folks or fishing tackle shops who use or sell only plastic hard body lures. Wood is old-fashioned, etc., plastic is newer technology therefore better. WRONG!

Greg Vinall is a lifelong fisherman, and wood lure maker/user with a Ph.D. in Aquatic Science. He lists five key points in favor of wood lures:

1. Right sound – low pitched sound in water is in range that fish hear. Plastic has a higher pitch.

2. Right vibration – wood has a natural vibration picked up by fishes’ lateral line, plastic vibration is different.

3. Right footprint in water – like natural bait..

4. Same but different – since no two wood lures are exactly alike, (nor is bait) but act like natural bait, fish don’t get educated to not strike the plug.

5. Match the hatch – wood lures are custom made to match local bait. (not one size fits all)

For a full appreciation of Greg Vinall’s knowledge

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