Surfcaster Allen Riley Scores Big with Phase II Lures in the New Jersey Surf

Allen Riley is a noted New Jersey surfcaster and frequent contributing writer to fishing magazines. In early 2009, Allen agreed to test fish some Phase II Lures, and was supplied with three samples: White/red Dancer: blue/white Mongo; black/red Surf Dawg. Below is his complete and unedited e-mail of 11/18/09. From: To: Subject: Phase II Lures Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 18:38:15 -0500 Hi, Dick. I have been meaning to email you for some time. Sorry it has taken so long to make the contact. Just wanted you to know that I loved your lures in the fall NJ surf! As you said when you sent me the Phase II samples way back in the spring, your lures aren't the prettiest ones around but they catch fish! Sand eels were the dominant bait in the North NJ surf this season so your Surf Dawg, Mongo, and Dancer all fit in nicely with their long, slender profiles. I caught many, many monster bluefish late this summer and during the fall surf run with all three lures. I have also put them to good use against striped bass and have enjoyed great success with them. While I like and had good luck with all three lures, my personal favorite is the Dancer. It casts the best, has the most enticing action, and catches the most fish. You sent me lures in a variety of colors but I found that the red/white models had the best success. (Red/white plugs have always been my color scheme of choice -- and most of my surf associates agree with that opinion.) Many of my fishing associates always ask about "those lures that catch so many fish." I tell them -- and as many people as I humanly can -- what great lures Phase II puts out, and how deadly they are in the NJ surf. Again, please accept my regrets that I have not contacted you earlier. Best wishes to you and to Phase II lures for continued success and increased popularity. With Thanksgiving almost upon us, please accept my sincerest wishes that you and yours enjoy a ewonderful holiday. As Americans, we have so much to be thankful for. Allen Riley
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