The Fisherman Magazine, New England Edition

"RIPPING LATE SEASON BLUEFISH - Now is the time for red-hot surface action on bluefish in Eastern Long Island Sound." Captain Tom Migdalski.

"I cocked my spinning rod and let my blue and white, four inch Scooter Popper ( fly over a close splash. A few pulls of the rod tip and turns on the reel handle and I was on. Moments later, Mat did the same and soon we were both giggling like gulls as our spools spun in harmony.”

"..I enjoy casting Phase II Lures, which are solid cedar and handmade locally by Dick Fincher in Westport, CT. The cedar provides ample weight for casting into a breeze, and the rugged wood holds up well to these toothy critters."

Captain Tom and crew landed more than twenty blues on Phase II SCOOTER lures, during an unforgettable fall surface blitz in the rips of Eastern Long Island Sound.

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