Sport Fishing Magazine, July/August Edition

FeaturesPhase II Lures In "Top Plugs - 14 Pros’ Picks & Tricks."


Designed by Dick Fincher, who handcrafts his lures from cedar, Phase II is a popular Northeast brand, though Fincher has fished them in the Caribbean as well. The lures - swimmers, poppers, needlefish and others - are precisely weighted and through-wired for strength. Phase II Is based in Westport, CT. (

The Pro: Capt. Roger Gendron, Westport, Connecticut (

Years as a Phase II pro: Three

Favorite lure: Junior, 4-inch.

Type of lure: Topwater/subsurface walker.

Target species/situation: Striped bass in shallow water.

Favorite color: Yellow/red.

Technique tips: Twitch or jerk the Junior to give it a side-to-side motion, walking the dog, but just below the surface. Use a medium to fast retrieve, says Gendron, otherwise the lure might float to the surface. However if you need it to, "this plug will work on the surface as well. If fish are swirling, I can stop and let it float up, and slide it like a top-water plug," Gendron says.

"However, most of my better strikes, particularly from bass, come just below the surface."

Rigging tips: Fishing the Junior as described above is most effective with braided line, according to the guide, and in a recurring theme, he also prefers a nonslip loop knot.

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