Darting Swimmers

Try a slow troll with the Darting Swimmers when you are not casting them. Bucky, Junior, Poppy & Surf Dawg can be fished as pencil poppers by reversing the hook. Surf Dawg and Dipper are especially good for casting into surf or wind. Work all lures with a slow/erratic retrieve for best results.

Floating Poppers

The Floating Poppers will float face up. Retrieve them with a twitch, a pause and another twitch. If there is a surface blitz, work them faster. A small piece of pork rind often will produce added strikes. Because they are tail-weighted, the floating poppers will cast long in all conditions.

Jointed Needlefish Swimmers

The Jointed Needlefish Swimmers will cast long in all conditions. Work them at varying speeds, so they will bend and undulate in the water. These lures slow-troll extremely well; tend the rod and twitch sharply occasionally. Especially when trolling, a bit of sandworm on the tail hook produces additional strikes.

Topwater Needlefish

Each Topwater Needlefish lure will cast long in all conditions.  Work the lure fast on the surface, walking it side to side or up/down.  Skimmer will walk at or just below the surface.  Stubby & Dancer can also be dropped by structure and worked fast up. BigT is an excellent topwater trolling teaser; Skimmer trolls near the surface.

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