We don’t know exactly what colors and lures the fish prefer, but here are the all- time leading colors purchased by lure design.  Detailed statistics on lures/colors purchased are at the "Lure Sales Detail" box below

Lure Sales Statistics​ 

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I don't have a particular favorite lure or color - it's what the fish hit on a given day or at a given time, so I change colors and lures till I catch the bite.  As a general rule, the light/bright colors work exceptionally well in clear water or over a sandy bottom, especially on a clear day.  The darker colors are usually good in low light or in stirred up water. There are always exceptions - I have caught fish on dark plugs in clear water with sunny skies, and with bright lures in murky water and overcast days.  Clear lures seem to work equally well in bright or overcast conditions.  Matching up to the movement, color or size of the natural bait is always part of the equation.  


Pick your colors, work the lures, experiment, and good fishing!