For fishing with medium/light tackle, saltwater and freshwater​

​Phase II Lures are hand-carved, hand-crafted, individually made from cedar wood, come in a variety of sizes and weights, 3" - 13"  body length, ½ oz. -  3/oz. , and a wide range of colors.  They are designed for multiple fishing situations. There are nineteen different Phase II Lures in four categories – Darting Swimmers, Floating Poppers, Jointed Swimmers, and Topwater Needlefish.  (Spread out one of each lure and color on the bench and there will be over 120 color / design options.) Most Phase II Lures are for casting, many are good for jigging, and some are also excellent or exclusively for trolling. Different length and weight lures work best with different rods and line.  Some lures are best from a boat, some are better from shore and some are good for both.   Some lures produce catches in fresh and saltwater.  Some are designed specifically for fresh water. Lure color can be a factor (and not just to the fisherman). Every lure design and color has caught fish before we put it on the market.  The point is matching the right Phase II Lures to your fishing, and we will do it!


Phase II Lures – established 2007, retail tackle shop customers in fourteen states and direct website customers in twenty states.  More than a dozen feature articles on various lures in In-Fisherman, NJ Angler, On The Water, The Fisherman, Saltwater Sportsman, Sport Fishing magazines and local press.  Every lure design has been tested for a year in prototype – with the assistance of Captains/Guides on the East Coast – and every finished design has caught fish before it is sold.