Hand-carved Cedar Lures for Inshore Fishing


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Phase II Lures are based on a lifetime of fishing experience and observation, primarily with light-medium tackle, both salt & freshwater. I’ve concentrated on inshore saltwater fishing in the Northeast during the past 30+ years. I’ve caught stripers, blues and weakfish on the East River in front of the U.N. building, in Long Island Sound from the Norwalk Islands to Crane’s Neck on the Long Island side, back to The Race off New London and around Fisher’s Island, at Cutty Hunk, out to the rips and flats of Monomoy Island off Cape Cod. I’ve landed bonefish in the Keys and St. Croix, king mackerel in Key West and the BVI’s, along with countless porgy, flounder, fluke, snappers on children & grandchildren outings in L.I. Sound. In freshwater I’ve caught bullheads in Kansas, cutthroat in Wyoming, musky, pike, and walleye in Wisconsin, perch in Lake Michigan, panfish in Virginia, large-mouth at nearly every freshwater stop, and rainbows in Colorado. 

Phase II Lures are hand-carved, hand-crafted and individually made from cedar wood, come in a variety of sizes and weights, 3" - 13"  body length, ½ oz. -  3/oz. , and a wide range of colors. They are designed for multiple fishing situations.  There are nineteen different Phase II Lures in four categories – Darting Swimmers, Floating Poppers, Jointed Swimmers, Topwater Needlefish.  (Spread out one of each lure design and color on the bench and there are more than 120 options.)