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PHASE II LURES: Hand made, hand-carved and hand-crafted cedar fishing lures that catch fish.

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Most fishermen or fisherwomen have never fished with a wooden lure, let alone one made in the USA, by hand, from cedar wood.  Walk into your favorite tackle store and you will see a multitude of plastic lures - hard bodies or soft - made and decorated to catch fishermen, not necessarily fish.  We have followed a different path - fishing lures made from cedar wood, by hand, crafted to catch fish, first and foremost.  It is an absolute fact that every lure design and color we make out of wood has caught fish before it goes for sale on the market.  Why wood?  Well, it moves differently in the water, it has a natural resonance and sound when moving through the water.  And cedar wood Is so successful historically in offshore lures that we wanted to make cedar plugs available to the inshore fishing crowd   (most of us do most of our fishing inshore or in freshwater most of the time).  Another reason for cedar wood - smell it, and you can be sure it is a scent that fish pick up when they are on the feed, something different but natural, in a shape that looks like a good meal.  Get some honest-fishing cedar plugs from Phase II Lures.  Once you try them  you will realize just how good they are at catching fish, which is what it is all about.



Phase II Lures - overview:


PHASE II LURES – for fishing with medium/light tackle, saltwater and freshwater. 

Dartimg Swimmers:

Bucky, 3”, ½ oz.                                Jayfin, 4”, ½ oz.                     Junior, 4”, ¾ oz.

Dipper, 6”, 1.5 oz.                             Poppy, 6”, 1 oz.                     Surf Dawg, 6”, 2 oz.


Floating Poppers:

Skeeter, 3”, ½ oz.                               Scooter, 4”, ¾ oz.                   Skipper, 6”, 1 oz.


Jointed Needlefish Swimmers

 Wiggler, 5.5”, 1 oz.                           Mongo, 7.5”, 2 oz.                 CedarEel, 13”, 3 oz.

Topwater Needlefish:

Stubby, 4”, ¾ oz.                               Dancer, 6”, 1.5 oz.                 BigT, 10”, 2 oz.



Each lure is individually hand-carved and hand-crafted – not lathed – from cedar wood.


Lures are through wired. 3” lures have #4, 2X treble hooks. 4” through 7.5” lures have 4/0 single tail hooks dressed with hand-tied natural buck tail.  Where used, body hooks are 3/0 trebles. 10” & 13” lures have 6/0 single tail hooks dressed with hand-tied natural buck tail.


One acrylic primer coat, three acrylic color coats, two polyurethane varnish coats.  Lures with white have two coats of non-yellowing lacquer in place of varnish.  “Clear” lures have five polyurethane varnish coats.



Clear re-sealable pouch with hang-hole, exterior Phase II Lures label, interior fishing suggestions card for the particular lure.



Phase II Lures – established 2007, retail tackle shop customers in fourteen states and direct website customers in twenty states.  More than a dozen feature articles on various lures in In-Fisherman, NJ Angler, On The Water, The Fisherman, Saltwater Sportsman, Sport Fishing magazines and local press.  Every lure design has been tested for a year in prototype – with the assistance of Captains/Guides on the East Coast – and every finished design has caught fish before it is sold.

Further Information: . We are on Face Book.  On YouTube, type in “Phase II Lures” for a five minute video showing the lures being made.


Using Phase II Lures - the right lure for the fishing you are doing:

Here is a quick summary of how/when/where to fish Phase II Lures.


                                                   BAYS,   SURF,      BOAT       BOAT

LURE                                       FLATS  CASTING CASTING TROLLING

Darting/Dipping Swimmers:

Bucky (3", 1/2 oz.)                    yes           fair          yes            yes

Jayfin (4", 1/2 oz.)                     yes           yes          yes            yes

Junior (4", 3/4 oz.)                    yes            fair         yes            yes

Poppy (6", 1 oz.)                       yes            fair         yes            yes

Dipper (6", 1.5 oz.)                  yes            yes          yes            fair

Surf Dawg (6", 2 oz.)               fair            yes          yes            yes

Floating Poppers:

Skeeter (3", 1/2 oz)                  yes            yes          yes            teaser

Scooter (4", 3/4 oz.)                yes            yes         yes             teaser

Skipper (6", 1 oz.)                    yes           yes          yes             teaser

Jointed Needlefish Swimmers:

Wiggler (5.5", 1 oz.)                 yes           yes          yes             yes

Mongo (7.5", 2 oz.)                  yes           yes          yes             yes

CedarEel (13", 3 oz.)               fair           yes          yes             yes

Topwater Needlefish:

Stubby (4", 3/4 oz.)                  yes           yes          yes             teaser

Dancer (6", 1.5 oz.)                  yes           yes          yes             teaser

BigT (10", 2 oz.)                      fair           yes          yes             teaser

Note: by reversing the split/ring & hook on Bucky, Junior, Poppy, Surf Dawg, you can effectively fish them as pencil poppers.


Buying Phase II Lures:

1.  Authorized Phase II Lures dealers are all listed on the “Great Tackle Dealers” page (with a direct web link if available) at , and they will be happy to serve you.

2.  If none of these shops is convenient to you,

A.  Go to your local tackle shop and ask for Phase II Lures by name.  Many stores are reluctant to carry “new” products unless customers request them, no matter how good the items are – doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but that is how it is.  Also, e-mail me  - - and I will follow up directly with that store regarding your request for our lures.

B.  You can purchase Phase II Lures through our website, either by using PayPal on the website or, by selecting the lures you want on the website and ordering by mail, including your check with your order.  Mailing address:  Phase II Lures, 25 Stonybrook Rd., Westport, CT06880.


Give us your feedback:
Your comments/suggestion are always welcome. Send your fishing reports and pictures, and we will be glad to publish them with your permission. Happy fishing and catching, carefully release fish you don’t keep, and enjoy eating the ones you do.


Placing your order:
You can go directly to the “Ordering” page of the website, and, there are links on all the individual lure web pages to take you to ordering. For your convenience, the PayPal system is used. You can also order by U.S. mail/check (if a Connecticut resident, include 6.35% sales tax on your order, plus shipping/handling/insurance). If you would like to see what other fishers and tackle dealers have purchased, current statistics are on the “Lure Sales Statistics” page.


Take some Phase II Lures fishing - you’ll be glad you did!
Dick Fincher, Phase II Lures, 25 Stonybrook Road, Westport, CT 06880.
203 226 7252,